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Denim Record Tote w Ozwick - No One is Illegal -

Denim Record Tote w Ozwick - No One is Illegal -

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Upcycled denim tote that fits records, painted by an artist Ozwick aka Im Ozon.

Ozwick is London based Artist/DJ/Producer from Japan.

Ozwick started painting about three years ago, and often creates paintings using a palette knife, spray, and brushes. He depicts things he has found and experiences he has had in life through his paintings.

Ozwick is also active as a musician and a DJ. He produces mainly tribal electronic, however as a DJ he plays across Ambient, Jazz, Tribal Electro, Deep House and Techno. Currently, He is active in various roles such as a DJ, composer, and handling sound and music production for corporate projects and fashion shows!

Instagram: @ozwick_oz

Soundcloud: OZWICK

*Painted w Acrylic, Do not wash in washing machine*

Care Instructions

Cold machine wash with no dryer.
Wash as the same as jeans.

Do not wash too often(Once in 3months the most).

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